I am new to Jquery and task is given to me to "make a progress bar for task completion " . For example: there are 4 Sections and all those 4 section have different youtube videos . After the user clicks the section and watch the video of that particular section the progress bar should be increased to 25% completed.

I am searching for this kind of tool available on internet but i haven't got any apart from that bootstrap file upload progress bar.

Can anybody help me out and make me understand how to make it . I am new to Jquery so please give me some example or fiddle example so that i can implement after getting it through.


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You can use jQuery to attact an event handler to a specific event, which says the code to implement when the video is watched.

You can use .click() to trigger the progress bar to move when something is clicked on (https://api.jquery.com/click/) but unfortunately I have no clue if it's possible for it to know if the YouTube video is done being watched. YouTube API I guess??


I am working on that only .

thanks @Dani for the help . I think that will work .

thanks @happygeek for reminding me . Thanks

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