Am looking for an out-of-the-box Wordpress theme which can help me create a website similar to either FileHorse or FileHippo in a very short time. Any one has an idea?

I was thinking more like a bundled theme which can easily manage the files and generate the required links as well to be displayed to visitors just like the previously mentioned sites do

If you need to ask this, you do not have the skillset to do this. <<whatabitch<<
I'm having a good day, don't be stressed, asking the q is how you get theskillset

take time, to work out what features and support your desired site requires, and add those to your question
"file repository" would be a better search term than "file sharing" filehippo et al are repositories

jyraphe works for me

commented: Remembers folk asking for Facebook WP theme. +7

I’ve found something that can help you to buil a website like filehippo, cnet, freeware sites…
Filebear is a good Wordpress theme that is specifically designed for software digital downloads website. It's worth taking a look

Theme : https://www.themesnap.com/wordpress-themes/filebear-softwares-digital-downloads-responsive-wordpress-theme.html
Demo : http://demo.pixweber.com/filebear/

commented: THanks for the info, although you're a year late! +15
commented: Hold on, let me think about this. (year passes) Got it! +12
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