Is there any way to do multiple drilldown chart( 6 clicks)?
Give me some examples.

I have to write no. Any app I've made over the years had me using more than 6 clicks as I crafted the app.

Maybe you meant 6 clicks max in your app but you neglected to show your work so far and where you got stuck.

Thank you Mr. rproffitt. I did not start yet. I am in confusion

When confused where to start you start at the beginning. Along the way you design your apps first before you write code. If you need to automate something then you document each step from the beginning to the end.

Now you have steps that you code so when the button is clicked, the computer does all the work.

Sometimes you find a new coder that wants to skip all that design work.

commented: I think we have a few nominations for that on here :) +15