Hello :)

Around a month ago, i got a custom bookmarklet coded for my wordpress blog and on top of the bookmarklet .js code there is this line

var token = 'QzEJ5PJ3/RRO4cubQQiKKNg5au6SESUSkQOK5w9HKFgH6GxVu1NNilA5TYqoMBbz6sKdZP6eQ4GeLyZ1Ht5S/VrHIISvHXKFPxXNUZmRp1M=';

I think this is some sort of API key or something that’s specific to a wordpress installation right? cause when i move the code from one blog to another, it does not work.
Unfortunately the coder that i hired is unreachable now and i am not sure how and where to fetch this key from.
Can someone please point me to where i can get this value off my wordpress instalation?

Entire Code for the Plugin / Bookmarklet
http://snippi.com/s/l4xof8g (Bookmarklet.php)
http://snippi.com/s/8ewe4z6 (Bookmarklet.js)

Thanks and Kind Regards.
Alex M.


see the lines 254 and 263 of the PHP page, the first checks if the token is set by the request (i.e. through javascript), the second is a conditional IF statement that verifies the value of the set token with the hardcoded.

Change the value in the javascript and, accordingly, in the PHP file.

when i move the code from one blog to another

That's the problem. The javascript is checking if your domain starts with http://...labs5.imvges.xyz or https://...labs5.imvges.xyz. If your new blog doesn't start the domain like that, it will reject. If that is the case, update the regex_found variable value to match whatever your new blog is.

PS: The variable token is there just to give a slightly sense of security. It is not an API or anything.