Hi All!

I'm working on a web application, JSP, where a user selects the text with the mouse in html. I want this text to be inserted in a MySQL database as a java string using prepareStatement in Java and executeupdate.

String querystring = "INSERT INTO mySelectedTextTable(selectedTextWithMouse) VALUES (?)";

selectedTextWithMouse would be a java String, but the selected text is kept on a javascriptvariable.

Any clues on how to convert the javascript variable into a java String?

Thanks in advance.

well .. on my previous projects one of my co workers had to do something similar, and he called the webservice from within his javascript, passing the value as a parameter.
maybe you could google it? by googling 'call a java webservice from javascript' I got a lot of responses, one of them is bound to work for what you try to do.