Hi guys, I'm a git first time user, and I followed this guide to set it up and get it up and running https://git-scm.com/documentation.
So I'm now using git from the console (at the moment I'm logged in windows, so let it be the windows console). My question is - because I couldn't find this on the guide - say I'm logged in from another machine and I want to checkout my project, keep working on it and then commit the changes, is it possible? In other words, how do I access my existing repository from another machine?


if you want to download the project to a new box then you clone it, so you do:

git clone url_of_the_repository

If the code is already there, but not updated to the latest version, then you just pull:

git pull

and then you can push the changes. See:

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Git is designed for teams to work on the same codebase, so it's designed to be checked out from multiple places. In cases where the code is modified from multiple sources, you can merge when doing a commit.

cool thanks guys, I will do that