Hello, if any body can help me , why in the code bello the results is always null or 0?
because when i want to change the password it always shows me this message "The current password you entered is not correct!"


$db = new PQDatabase();

// Check if current password is correct
$sql = "SELECT * FROM telecom.users WHERE username = '" . $_GET["u"] . "' AND password = '" . md5($_POST['current_pwd']) . "'";
$result = $db->getNumberOfRows($db->query($sql));
if ($result == null || $result == 0)
    echo "{success: false, msg: 'The current password you entered is not correct!'}";
elseif ($_POST['new_pwd'] != $_POST['retype_pwd'])
    echo "{success: false, msg: 'The new password and the retyped password are not identical!'}";
    $db->query ("UPDATE telecom.users SET password = '" . md5($_POST['new_pwd']) . "' WHERE username = '" . $_SESSION["u"] . "'");
    echo "{success: true, msg: 'The password was changed successfully!'}";


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What is the PQDatabase class? Does it automatically connect? Add error handling, it might be a connection error or something else database related.

thank you , I have resolved it. The problem was in if condition.


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