Hi guys, I will soon have a licence to run webstorm on one machine (at work) but I need to think of some other free IDE which supports typescript ideally natively on a different laptop running windows and linux (at home).
I had a look around of course, but as I don't have any experience with any of them I thought I'd ask here.
For windows I know that there is visual studio core, although I'm not sure that's free.
I have eclipse installed already, both on linux and on windows but I've only used it for java, never for javascript (read angularjs) and typescript. In a way it would kind of make sense to use eclipse but I've heard it might be pretty slow, which might be why at work we use webstorm, what do you guys think?
I've also heard of atom, has anybody used it? Is it linux compatible too?

Any idea/suggestion is of course much appreciated

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I run JetBrains too (PHPStorm) . The new licence:

UPDATE: since the new subscription model started November 2015, you can also run multiple personal licensed copies at the same time (like on laptop and desktop for remote debugging client/server apps).
You are able to use your license on any number of computers (and under different operating systems).
However, IDE checks for the number of running copies on the local network when starting. In case it finds any copies started with the same license, they are all shut down except the last one.
Here is the relevant quote from the licensing agreement:
(a) Licensee may:
(i) install and use the version of the Software that has been specified in License Certificate on multiple Clients and operating systems, provided that a number of concurrent users never exceeds the number of Authorized Users specified in License Certificate and that the same License Key is not used concurrently by different Authorized Users, on different Clients or operating systems;

Taken from: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241005-Using-IDE-on-different-machines-and-operating-systems-with-the-same-license

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