I want to Develop custom mail client using Asp.Net MVC and C# For my own mail domain (for ex:- myname@mydomain.com)

I don't know Is this Possible or Not ? because I am very new to .Net Web Applications

If it is Possible I want the following features
1. Send & Receive all mails with myname@mydomain.com (create message, inbox, sent items )
2. Read subject Line of mail when received in order to either create new folder or just use existing folder (if already created) to move the email into
Is this possible using any outlook API or any other .net mail client API ? if it is possible

Please Tell me any solution or guide lines

Thanks Advance

Of course it's possible, but just do everyone (yourself included) a favour and use an existing client. What advantage is there of having your own? Written by a non-expert, without having thousands (or millions, billions) of hours of hands-on testing, your client is likely to be pretty poor.

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I agree with the comment above, however this can be a good learning project if you need to delve into the murky world of email servers, attachments, etc.

Firstly, the OP specified he would like to ideally use the API of an existing mail client, which, if it exists, isn't such a crazy idea. APIs exist for a reason :)

There could be many reasons to want to do this ... perhaps a custom tailored UI/UX on top of an already stable mail API.

Either way, I had the need to write a very simplistic PHP-based SMTP mail client awhile back, and it didn't take me more than a weekend to accomplish the functionality that I needed.

True, but the requirements he is looking to implement exist in most clients anyway (definitely Gmail, Mail.app and Outlook 365, but you'd need to use categories/labels instead of a new folder per subject).