Good morning,

On my localhost, suddenly all of my php files are looking like this format

What is this?
Is it hacker attack?

How to stop this action in future.

Please help

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Localhost? It seems a ramsonware, a virus that encrypts data and ask money to return the files back. If you are using Windows that's probably in your system, so it should not be related to the application code. The same can happen if the folder is shared in a local network and the virus is compromising all the files it can reach.

Good luck with that.

Oh no!! I'm so sorry.

Nod to ransomware. As most programmers know, now is when your backups really count. We only lose what we didn't backup.

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Be careful with the Web of Trust extension. I used it as well for a long time untill they've been caught selling their users' data to third parties.

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No I don't use Spyhunter (I'm on a mac).
I use uBlock Origin. It's not really a WOT replacement and it's also not an ad blocker... well... one on steroids maybe :) but it does not support Adblock Plus' "Acceptable Ads Manifesto" which is a good thing.
It blocks also trackers and heaps of malware sites automatically, but you can also setup filters yourself manually.

@Gentlemedia. I'm currently using Ublock Origin too. Just to sniff out more I installed Privacy Badger to see what's up with that.

Seems a shame we have to uparmor browsers like this. Arms race continues.

Hello, did you find a solution to unlock the filess? I am in the same situation right now and all what I have managed to do is to remove this wallet thing from my computer..

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