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I have been working with PHP now for a couple years and am new to this forum. While I love PHP and programming in general, I hate debugging. It takes me hours to solve just one bug anytime I do something, anything new. I read and read the books and online classes, but my personal resolution process takes more time than I have. This is generally for simple, very simple fixes. To give you an idea how difficult this is for me, consider that I developed an entire fully automated online journal before and got stuck on just one bug that I could simply not fix, which was a show-stopped for the entire scope of the project. This was two years ago and I still haven't fixed this bug (by the way, the problem with that one is users are supposed to be able to upload a Rich Text file ONLY, but I cannot get it to work, even after getting the code from the Internet). Thus, the website never went live and neither did my income.

In any event, I now am working on a new site that was supposed to be live weeks ago with relatively simple code. But again, it takes me hours to figure out what the problem is with each error. It is simple for me to find a missing parenthesis or semicolon, but its the other error without any explanation that have me stuck.

While I would love to post a question at this forum for each and every simple error I have, it would take more time than is available to me. I was wondering if anyone well versed in PHP could spend even just and hour or so working with me with PM or over the phone even just until I can get this fixed. I only have 2 or 3 pages to upload with this site that are full PHP programs, but I am having even a hard time getting passed line 35. If you have a little time today or this evening, and could offer just any amount of your time for me, I would really appreciate it. And just reply to this post and tell me how you would prefer to comminicate.

Needing help!


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The simple bugs are often the hardest to fix. I personally hate the ones where you have a slight spelling mistake in a variable name and instead of throwing an error it just works but not as you'd expect. They can take ages to find.

I would recommend purchasing a PHP compiler. The good ones are a bit on the expensive side, but are well worth it, particularly for big projects.

Thanks. I should do that. Thanks. I'm going to close this thread.

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