hey everyone,

I am looking for a website template that is mobile responsive, with a header and 3 columns. in the left and right column there will be 3 items in each with a fixed height on each. the middle column needs to be adaptable to move without affecting the "Sidebars" height. I tried to use bootstrap but i am unable to get the results that i want.

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the middle column needs to be adaptable to move

By "move", do you mean change width responsively? That's pretty much the default behavior when you use columns.

If you want the sidebar container's height to stay the same (but width still responsive), then perhaps something like this: http://www.bootply.com/1POOiXcvxL.

You can customize the width and adjust the proportions of the columns by adjusting the values in the column class, for instance col-xs-3 to col-xs-6. Just keep in mind that the values of all columns in a row need to add up to 12. If you want different behavior depending on the device add multiple classes to the columns, i.e. col-xs-3 col-sm-4. The reference for Bootstrap 3's grid layout can be found here.

kinda, when i generate content via php, i want the midde column to change height, but not the sidebars

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