I have gathered this list of sources to learn php 7. I have ranked according to priority I am giving.

Do you pros mind checking them out and then give your own ranking hich onees you give priority to as a good learning source ?

Btw, these sources never say if they are teaching OOP or Procedural Php 7. Which one should I learn (OOP or Procedural) ?

If you were in my place, as a complete beginner in php, which resources would you use yourself ?


Not sure if these books are any good for complete beginners:

Free Books

Paid Books

Online Tutorials

Video Tutorials:

Who Have Been Making Me Recommendations:

If you want to get an idea why I want to learn php 7 then read the comment posted by Bangali Beta here:

The PHP web site, www.php.net, has plenty of good tutorials. Check there first.

php.net no good. More of a reference for pro ppl than a tutorial for a beginner.

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php.net no good

The php.net manual, is... a manual. It is not meant for pros. It is as you say full of reference material, giving you the information needed as in the parameters a function takes, what it does, and the return type. Examples are given in most cases.

I have a tutorial here on DW: https://www.daniweb.com/programming/web-development/tutorials/499320/common-issues-with-mysql-and-php

which you may find useful. There are a number of other ones too - take time to peruse them as well as the code snippet section.


Your link is good for intermediate level but not a complete beginner.
Shivya_1, I was asking for php 7 tutorials and not php 5.

@UI. Shivya may be helpless for a bit since basics are basics. I run into folk looking for PHP 7 tuts yet they didn't get the basics down first which a PHP 5 tut would be just fine.

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