Cannot get this to refresh. My code is below. I am propably doing something silly, but I cannot figure it out...

var auto_refresh = setInterval(
 function(e) { 
 var email = '<?php echo $_SESSION['user_email']?>';
      type : 'GET',
       url : 'count_record.php', // in here you should put your query 
      data :  'email='+ email, // here you pass your id via ajax .
                 // in php you should use $_POST['post_id'] to get this value 
      success : function(r){

          // now you can show output in your modal 

im assuming this is javascript and not php.
Second, do you want to call a function every xx minutes via ajax? If so, just set the interval and call the function in it.

setInterval(ajaxCall, 300000); //300000 MS == 5 minutes

function ajaxCall() {
    //do your AJAX stuff here

or delete line 16 since its an extra bracket and move the miliseconds to line 17 between the parenthesis and bracket
}, 15000);

post back and let us know.

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