I am attempting to properly install and run a Ruby script.

I have not worked in Ruby for some time and am not sure what I'm missing; it worked perfectly in the past (on a work machine.)

I am receiving the following error message:

<Main> undefined local variable or method ''watir'' for main: Object <NameError>

I have reserached this, but am unable to determine what is causing this error.

Version: ruby 2.2.6p396


require ‘watir’ 
require ‘watir-webdriver’
Watir::Browser.default = “firefox” 
browser = Watir::Browser.start  "https://www.website.com"
browser.link(:text, "Register").click
browser.button(:value,"I Agree").click
browser.button(:value,"I Agree").click
browser.text_field(:id, "username").set("bbb")
browser.text_field(:id, "password").set("bbb")
browser.text_field(:id, "password2").set("ccc")
browser.text_field(:id, "email").set("hhh")
browser.text_field(:id, "email2").set("yyy")
browser.checkbox(:name, "imagestring").set
browser.checkbox(:id, "emailpmnotify").set
browser.checkbox(:id, "invisible").set
browser.select_list(:id, "subscriptionmethod").select("No email notification")
browser.select_list(:id, "timezoneoffset").select("GMT -3:30 (06:27 PM)")
browser.select_list(:name, "dstcorrection").select("Never use DST correction")
browser.select_list(:id, "language").select("English (American)")
browser.button(:value,"Submit Registration!").click


Thank you in advance

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My first checks would be to read a few priors at https://www.google.com/search?q=require+‘watir

This tells me that more work is required to get your watir working. You write you researched this but didn't share your research method. I don't have a Ruby setup today so it may be a while till I can try your code.

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Thank you for your reply.

Research method entailed reading Ruby docs, searching for info regarding the error message, Ruby groups, etc.

All the info I found was quite vague.

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I installed Watir yesterday.

The docs seem a bit unclear as to what gems are exactly needed to get this to work.

I used this a number of years ago at a QA job. All testing we did was manual (at that point) and we used Ruby/Watir to essentially simplify a few set-up steps for our tests. It worked wonderful.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.


I see I asked about your install method and I used that to see what's up. It appears the setup was more than you wrote about.

Let's try again tomorrow. I have a clean Windows 10 PC that I can test this on late tomorrow. I need your install method so I can check it out.


The problem looks like it's the quote symbol on your require line, require ‘watir’.

In Ruby, this needs to be either a standard ' or " pairing. If you really want to you can use percent string syntax, in therequire %q{watir} style, but in more than 14 years of Ruby I have never seen that syntax used in a require statement.

In short, you'll have more luck with require 'watir'.

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