Hello Everyone.
Please how can i make a Like button in PHP.. i want the button to be clicked. the button
see the far i 've gone with the attachements...

like feature starts from... line 84 - 107

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hello destiny_3 with this code stop programming at all , do something else in your free time , apparently you don't have it . If you still want to be a programmer return to basics and LEARN them

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Everybody starts somewhere. Here you need to present your problems with care. The code you pasted was sloppy and could have folk slagging you on that.

You want quality answers so put quality into the question first. It's hard to add later.

Read https://www.daniweb.com/programming/threads/435023/read-this-before-posting-a-question then try again.

"Never give up, never surrender."

PHP is a fully object oriented language - C++ for web servers. Stop intermingling your PHP and HTML or other client-side code. IE, write the HTML or JavaScript code for the button and put that in a PHP class method and/or variable. Then, just output it to the client. You will need to use some HTTP to process the return data. Most of the time I look at "commercial" PHP code and then go throw up in the bathroom!

FWIW, I spent a couple of years at Nokia writing production PHP code, including a cell phone emulator. I also had to debug and fix the output HTTP code for the 5.4.1 version of PHP that was the latest/greatest at the time. Serious bugs there. Oh, and I had to do all of that inside of 2 months!

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