Hello Everyone.
Please how can i make a Like button in PHP.. i want the button to be clicked. the button
see the far i 've gone with the attachements...

like feature starts from... line 84 - 107

hello destiny_3 with this code stop programming at all , do something else in your free time , apparently you don't have it . If you still want to be a programmer return to basics and LEARN them

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PHP is a fully object oriented language - C++ for web servers. Stop intermingling your PHP and HTML or other client-side code. IE, write the HTML or JavaScript code for the button and put that in a PHP class method and/or variable. Then, just output it to the client. You will need to use some HTTP to process the return data. Most of the time I look at "commercial" PHP code and then go throw up in the bathroom!

FWIW, I spent a couple of years at Nokia writing production PHP code, including a cell phone emulator. I also had to debug and fix the output HTTP code for the 5.4.1 version of PHP that was the latest/greatest at the time. Serious bugs there. Oh, and I had to do all of that inside of 2 months!