i need someone who can give me his email so i can send my timetable generator software that is given me errors. please anyone who can be of assistance, i will be grateful.

I think we need to talk about how most forums work. This link: https://www.daniweb.com/programming/threads/435023/read-this-before-posting-a-question covers a lot so you can get going in the right direction.

Now if you need to hire a programmer, that's covered too as you would post in the for hire section:

The concept of these forums vary. In this forum you would read the first link and share an error and maybe a cutdown version of where the error happened.

But if you need someone to take on your entire development, then you may be looking to hire someone. Or take on an intern. Many lecture schedules I ran into were for schools so as the teacher you can find a way to give course credits in lieu of pay.