I use SELECT search with WHERE fieldsname by VARCHAR imposible. But good use with INT fields.
   Why's that. Please tell me about it . My code as :
         mysqli_select_db($connect ,'simple_login');

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM table where username= hai ' ;

$retval = mysqli_query($connect,$sql);

Not display error. But it's not connect and use with INT fields be good everything (as id=152)

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Username is a text field so the comparison value must be quoted. Compare

SELECT * FROM table where username= hai


SELECT * FROM table where username= 'hai'

Thank you ! But i did it and result same with above error. It's unable get data from the table. I using Xampp

Who can help me. I get this problem a few days ago. Thanks very much!

Use to search in sql be normal. But if i use the code with text field to connect impossible. Use with int fields be ok but it must a number and unabe use for a number variable.

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