Hi all - also new to PHP/SQL and have a different question on a similar question posted -
I need to create a page in php that allows the user to select a date range to and from.
Howver, the date stored in the database is unix such as 1494548767
Was thinking a drop down calender might work too - just not sure where to go with this or how to search by date in this situation.
If you need table structure or anything else - please reply and I'll provide what is needed to help find a solution.
Thanks in advance!

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Yep, Been there done that thus how/why I landed here.
The key to my question was to see and use regular dates on the search page although the search range is a unix based date code NOT MM-DD-YYY. Maybe I didn't explain that clearly, my apologies.


You need to convert the dates users enter to Unix timestamps. You can do that either in PHP or MySQL (see UNIX_TIMESTAMP()).

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