I want to know how to make contact us Page in Html. I don't have clear idea regarding this because I am new in this field. Please notify me as soon as possible.

A contact us page will require that you use a form and the form needs to have an action - the action is which other file, usually a php file, that it will send the data to. The php file then processes the data sent to it to construct the email message to be sent. This assumes that phpmail() is a functioning part of your hosting set-up.

If you can't program in php, you have a problem, because a form is a dead object if you can't send the data to the action file. And as you ask how to do this in html, I suspect you don't know php.

Luckily this is a common problem, and so googling on using php to send out an email will get you to many tutorials and you can learn that way. Or get a php book and follow the example there (all beginner level php books have such an example).