I start using the file manager, yet there is something strange happening.

I cannot upload the image through mouse click. Nothing happen when I click the image in the file manager with my mouse.

While my friend, able to click the picture with his mouse and the picture suddenly move to the wysiwyg.

I wonder why?

I already try 3 different browser and the result is the same, nothing happen.

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I would be guessing you are asking about http://www.responsivefilemanager.com/support.php and the problems it has.
The fact the site has many year old support questions may mean it's either perfect or abandoned.

However, I find no Windows PCs to work the same today. Folk install different browsers, change settings, some have overreaching antivirus suites, firewalls, different DNS or CDNs and this leave you the challenge of debugging what happened this time.


I finally find the solution.

I have to INSERT FILE button instead of insert images.

Thanks all. As long as it works!

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