I have recently been using XAMPP for dev. Although I'm new to XAMPP, the recent issue sprung up surprisingly, the simple script running a day before.

The script is just being used to test the ability to capture/display an IP address; this will later be used in a larger project:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h2>THIS IS A PHP PAGE (with HTML)</h2>

As I stated, it worked the other day, displaying ::1 on my local machine; I loaded the same script to an online, test server and it worked there correctly, returning my ipv4 address.

The issue is that now, when I run the same script again locally, nothing displays (besides the HTML message); researching this, I read that if the mark-up is displaying locally but not the PHP, the PHP is not running. I'm not sure why that would be the case; XAMPP is running. The machine had been rebooted (This local machine is quite old and has various problems from time to time, so I'm not ruling out that it may be the machine itself.)

*On another note, I am still not clear on how to implement the >_inline Code feature here - I've never seen this on any other site and it never seems to work correctly for me, thus making the process of posting a question/code more of a hassle than an asset - please explain. Thanks

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The above would not be an inline code, which is defined by backticks. Here you should use a code block, when you want to do such and you have other text above, then hit Return two times, so that you go to a new line and set a line of space between the text and the code. Hit TAB (or hit 4 spaces) and paste the code. If you are copying from your editor, then you can tab there, just make sure it equals at least at 4 spaces.

This textarea does not act like you would expect, so using the TAB key here does not focus on the next form element.

When the code is under 4 spaces then it's parsed as simple text.

At the end of the code block, if you want to insert other text, then again hit Return two times, otherwise there could be a parsing issue with the following text.

In alternative use the CODE button above, it will open a modal to paste the code.

For the XAMPP issue, see if the Apache error log gives information. Also, make sure the file has the .php extension.

Thank you for your assistance, cereal. I appreciate it.