I am having a problem showing png picture that suppose to be transparant in Ms. Edge. Any clue why my png file is not transparant in edge?

Check this website: www.fresway.com in Firefox and Ms. Edge.

On Ms. Edge, the transparant layer is no longer transparant I wonder why?

Could you post a screenshot of the problem and the actual .png file? Hard to tell what's going on on mobile

Cek the website right away through pc. www.fresway.com - you can see the beem is not transparant on Ms. Edge but transparant on Firefox.

I don't use Windows. You've probably got the old version cached or something, the latest IE and Edge have supported alpha-PNG files for years.

I am using :

Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0 - 2017 with Windows 10.


Indeed a known problem, backup your system back in time (1 week back) and it should be alright.


Please supply a link or reference for this. Until then nobody will be naive enough to spend hours restoring backups on just your say-so.

@ john_111
That article is about the transparent PNG fix we used to need in the past for Internet Explorer 6 and below.

Edge supports alpha transparency, so there must be something else causing this.

Edit: I also don't have Windows and I don't have my Virtual Machine up and running, so can't check at the moment too.

Just for this I opened that URL in Opera and the image had a video play button on the left rainbow effect.

Maybe that's not a PNG at all?

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---> here you go

You missed the point. How to restore a backup on an absolete version of Windows is irrelevant. The reference I wanted was to justify "Indeed a known problem".