I created website that teaches users anything they need to know about Kodi,
The site is still new but I add new content regularly,
The site is based on WordPress but I changed the theme and the code of the site.

I will be happy to hear what do you think about the site.
Any feedback will help :slight_smile:

Here is the link: Kodi Beginner

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Thanks @rproffitt I will fix those errors.

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My view is less errors helps the robots read your site. Doesn't have to be perfect but if you can, then +1

Made many improvements to the site:

  • Created a new logo
  • Added a new button Start Learning Kodi
  • Improved the layout and colors of the site
  • Added new categories and tags
  • Added many new tutorials

I hope it looks better now :)

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I don't know what Kodi is. So the first thing I would like to to see when I visit your site is something like Kodi is ... Now I had to wade through several pages to find out. Don't irritate your site visitors with things like that. For the rest it seems an OK site. :)

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