Hi, all

What I am trying to do is to put a hyperlink on my jsp page. Then, when I click on the link, I will come to the linked page and as well the page can get some info from the jsp page.

How is the code like?


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what you have to do is design a bean which will hold what ever information you want to and pass to any other page on your site
this can be done before a link was clicked or when you click link you run process which set-up bean for you, then on other side you just call bean and pull your info from it

there is plenty of tutorials on google

Hi, peter

thanks for your reply

I see some tutorial on net about javabean, but I found it's a bit complicated for me now.

Can I just simply use a hyperlink like this <a href="linktosomepage" onclick="whatever"></a> to do it?

I search the net and it seems got kind of way to do it, but I can't find the exactly code. Does anyone know this?

Can you please tell me what exactly you are trying to do so I can help you more efficiently?

Just collect some info from user and display it on other page or you want to store it somewhere and use on different palces on your site?


generelly, what i'm trying to do is to set up a simple mail server using java servlet as well as jsp

Now, my program can already show the subjects of all the mails in the inbox(this page call inbox.jsp)

I want to do that, when I click on the subject of any mail, will come to a new page that shows the content of the mail(come to content.jsp and show the content of certain mail).

My servlet already collect all information and pass them to the inbox.jsp

The problem is that content.jsp don't which mail to display when i click the link.So i want the hyperlink to send something to tell content.jsp which page i want and what is the content of it.

Thanks for your help, guy

I think I already find the solution.

first, create a form with a hidden input like this

<form name=form method=post action=anypage><input type=hidden value=xxx  name=getit></form>

then, add a hyperlink with a submit function

<a href='javascript:document.form[0].submit()'>send it!</a>

ok, that's it

I hope it will be helpful if anyone got the same problem with me

and thank you again, peter

you could also create a regular link and pass the paramters as follows:

<a href="[B][url]www.yoursite.com/yourservlet?param=value[/url][/B]">link</a>

you could also create a regular link and pass the paramters as follows:

<a href="[B][url]www.yoursite.com/yourservlet?param=value[/url][/B]">link</a>

I find this solution better. I tried the one with javascript, but it worked only partially. I created a few forms, each containted a hidden input

<input type="hidden" name="param" value="a number" />


<a href='javascript:document.form[0].submit()'>send it!</a>

The value from this input was different for each form on this page, the forms had the same name(dynamically generated).
It turns out I did something wrong(I don't know what, because I don't know JavaScript yet), each time a clicked the link, the right servlet went into action, but with the wrong parameter.
Each time it was only the parameter from the first hidden input. The rest was ignored.
When using the second option,

<a href="www.yoursite.com/yourservlet?param=value">link</a>

my app works right.

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