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I am writing a program in C++ to handle socket connections, eventually to be a websocket server. However, the rest of my stack uses PHP for serving up page.

Is there a way to use PHP as an intermediary between the client (JS) and the application (so I don't have to keep track of session data or state in the database to retrieve with each incoming socket request)?

I understand I can't pass the resource (a socket) to the application from PHP, but could I do a 302 with the request from the client? Could I just pass along the request/upgrade request to the application layer in some way?



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Hello ryantroop,

Based on what you described I can't see why you need PHP as intermediary. In the websocket handshake you have all the cookies and it is easy with C++ to have that session (all the issues with race conditions are the same also) , also I can't see why you need PHP for database handling.

We also use C++ alongside with PHP for websockets (in fact I am preparing for quite some time now , an open application server that takes that logic and expand it in all the life cycle of a PHP application) , we do that because all our web development is in PHP and we didn't want to switch. We use PHP-CPP (Click Here) and load it to PHP as an extension (through fastcgi , to eliminate the need to load it in each request , but there are also other implementations to achieve that).

Writing extensions for PHP in C++ is rather easy and I would dare to say a bit fun ;)

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This sounds like an interesting problem. It sounds like you know how to do everything else on PHP, except the sockets.

I tend to think about these different then most legacy PHP applications. I like https://reactphp.org/socket/

I like to have my PHP and use it too...


I did look into the idea of writing a php extension, but it seems it's fairly difficult to do so on a windows system. Right now, I have done a reverse proxy through IIS, however it still has some issues...

I don't think I want to use PHP has a socket controller, as there is a lot of overhead with PHP and I am looking at doing something that requires high performance. If I am forced to work in PHP, then I will.. if I can find a way to do with through the reverse proxy, then Ill share my results and process when I figure it all out.

Thanks for the link, though!

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