I am looking for a new IDE. I am currently using netbeans to develop a website in php/mysql. I like a lot of things about netbeans, but I don't like that it doesn't come with built in compilers/debuggers. You have to manually go and add/link them on a language-by-language basis. This isn't too bad in theory, but sometimes it doesn't work like it should, which can cause a huge headache. I had a hell of a time getting a debugger to work for php. I am now adding javascript/jquery to the website, and discovered that the debugger I already set up doesn't work with them (only php). I don't want to go through the headache of finding/linking another one if I can avoid it. So I'm in the market for a new IDE.
I also have previously used vim. I really like code coloring, and the ability to do everything from the keyboard with a million customizable shortcuts. However, I miss the real time error detection and debugger-integration in most IDEs.

Here's what I care about:
High priority features
-can run on windows (currently running windows 7, and will update to 10 eventually)
-can choose between mouse or keyboard as main input method (like gvim)
-free, or at least only a one time fee (as opposed to a subscription fee)
-black background, with automatic code coloring
-works with PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, and Javascript/Jquery
-comes with compilers/debuggers, or at least is easier than netbeans to link them

Lower priority features (not necessary, but would be nice)
-work with other languages--C,C++,Python,Java, etc.
-code completion/automatic variable renaming, and that kind of thing
-integration with version control software
-code minimap (like in sublime text)
-cross platform (linux as well as windows)

I've looked at a few options, and here are the best I've found so far:
good IDEs: visual studio, IntelliJ, Netbeans, Aptana Studio, CodeLobster
good editors (if I give up on the IDE requirement): gvim, sublime text, emacs, github atom
It also looks like it might be possible to do some kind of custom crossover. For example, I found this: https://code.google.com/archive/p/vivim/, which is apparently a plugin for visual studio that incorporates vim.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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I'm more of an editor than IDE kind of guy but VSCode might fit the bill. It has a built in package manager so you can install PHP (or any other language, technology etc) specific functionally. I use it for Go, JavaScript, CSS and HTML/Vue templates and it works just fine.

Have a look at Php Storm and related Intelli... software. There are community versions of some of them.

It appears that PhpStorm and other jetbrains IDEs like IntelliJ require subscription fees, and that their community versions have very little language support. So I think they're out (which is too bad because I've heard good things).

I'm definitely gravitating towards VSCode so far.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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