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I am quite impress knowing that Python has been the most popular programming language in July 2018.

Check this statistic: https://pypl.github.io/PYPL.html

It looks like there is a changing in trends - in 2015 PHP is rank no 2 and now rank 4. While Python rank 3 moves up to rank no. 1.

I wonder what makes it so populer?

Thanks in advance,

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Python is clean, expressive and has a great standard library. It's not just a web development language, it can be used for most tasks.

Where it really pulls ahead of PHP from a development perspective is its general consistency and availability of scientific libraries.

Python is also being pushed in schools as you don't need any fancy server setups. It is readily accessible. Creating standalone apps in Php is extremely onerous. As pty says, python can be used for almost everything not just webdev. However, from a webdev point of view, I'm not sure python is a more popular tool in that specific case. Js in the guise of node, has really put a dent in PHPs appeal. I don't think Php is going anywhere anytime soon, but it certainly has more mature competition than ever before. Web platforms such as WordPress, will ensure that there is plenty of work out there. Once they get superceded, it may be the beginning of the end. But progress should not be halted purely for sentimentality's sake.

Let me share a real world example. For a software product that I designed over 18 years ago the data files were in .TAR files. Because reasons the company that uses this app had trouble making .TAR files.

Python to the rescue. I crafted a small under 10 line Python script that runs on Windows, Linux, Apple OS and what else means that no more searching for a tar app on whatever machine they happen to have.

This was this company's first exposure to Python and I hear they are creating other solutions in Python now.

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