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I want to develop a online typing tutor using codeigniter......for hindi language (typing in computer with the help of hindi indic 3 or hindi indic 2 typing tool) .......i know the php and codeigniter with css.....please give me guidance to develop it......what language i need to learn.....and how can be typing using these tool............. how many days will it take to learn............

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Not specific to your choice of tool, I remember I had to pickup a new language and I didn't feel comfortable with it for about 3 months. If you can become proficient in a new language in days, that's pretty amazing. Even after that period I continue to learn more.

Back to developing any app. Not much has changed over the years. You design your app first. You may sketch out screens if it's something that works with users then think and sketch out psuedo code about what goes on to show the screen, do something and show a result.

If you haven't done the design, it's not time to code.

It will be enough to learn javascript more to complete the typing tutor?

It will be enough to learn PHP more to complete the typing tutor?

Javascript for the front end interaction. Php can handle the server side stuff. You may benefit from learning the language (js) first before getting involved with any frameworks or libraries (jquery, react, angular...).

Alternatively you could use js as nodejs for the whole thing, cutting out php and codeigniter entirely.

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