I am trying to install apache on my localhost but cannot find the file that I need to install apache.


Why there are so many apache installer file?

Which one should I download?

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I downloaded - httpd-2.4.34.tar.gz

and still cannot understand the file structure.

First, how to run the apache web server? which file do I need to click?

Second, in which folder do I need to put my web project files?

Are running Linux? Are you running this on your own local computer?

When you say run, do you mean install? If on Windows, there is the msi installer.

It's on Windows 10 - where can I find the msi installer?

Follow my link and there will be a Windows section.

To anyone other than Davy, you're best using Chocolatey. It's a sane apt/brew like package manager for Windows and does all the hard work for you.

Of course, using a Unix like OS makes it even easier.

commented: Thanks for this. Something new to me. +15

Nice pty +1. Can't leave comment as am on mobile. The choco has great defaults too. Perusing the official apache site, getting a decent set of default mods for a Windows setup looked a bit onerous.

Personally I find WAMP (Windows Apache MySql Php) ideal as it gives you the web server, database engine and php language in one download. You get a www directory and can pop multiple projects in there by giving each its own folder

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