Hi, i have a plugin called wp deposits and a template called automotive, i need the client to be able to pay a non refundable fee of 5% which is working fine through wp deposits, the thing is wp deposit is picking price from woocommerce, i want it to pick from another table, or i want woocommerce to get products from another table e.g. the prices should come like, select price from another_table where guid=$_GET['guid'];

EDIT: I am new to woocommerce, i have tried researching but havent gotten any resource to help,i went through almost all pages in woocommerce but i cant understand it.

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Welcome ami_2.

I think you need to put out a RFQ or some other form of "For Hire" and describe in detail the work you need done along with how much the pay is. There are now many freelance hiring sites for programming work.

I was about to say contact the plugin author. If you've paid for it, then there should be some support. If not, or it's a free plugin, then you are limited. Forums like these are unlikely to be able to offer specific help like this unless a member has actually used that plugin. Not impossible though. Focus your energy on chasing the vendor/author. It may be that it is a woocommerce issue. If so, look up forums on those very issues. Else, do as RP suggests.

I'm baffled why you'd need (or want to) "to pick from another table, or i want woocommerce to get products from another table" It sounds as if you are not using your Woocommce to its potential. Where do these other products live if not as a Woocommerce product? Services, affiliate products, downloads; most anything can be sold using Woo Also, it would be helpful to post a link to which WP Deposit plugin you are using. There are several.

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