if its possible please give me instructions
Thank you in advance

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soupui or postman it doesnt matter
the web server works on my php pages fine
just found out that there's a android app too and i need to give the developer the api with the ability to see the functions and send his request and get the respond
i tied many solution but hit a dead end
im new to soap and my the web server is non wsdl.
On (Maybe they expect folk to dig into the work) stuck on it for 2 day and im out of ideas.
Thank you for the reply

Something doesn't jive. That is, how could you develop an API and then not have the API?

Maybe something wasn't told. Such as "I have this website and now I want an Android app but need to create the API and documentation for the programmers." That would explain a great deal.

here the 3 files i have
so you may undertand me

Thanks for the code dump. This seems to have cleared up that the issue is not how to test at all but that your real issue is you have some site that was made without an API or design document and now you need to do that.

I'd restate your question. Maybe start a discussion with the real question.

thank you for the replay and the feedback

Just as a side note, a SOAP service cannot exist without a WSDL. Unless things have changed :)

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