As Google+ is being deprecated, I need to migrate my Oauth 2 off of Google+ and into the Google Sign-In authentication system.

So far, I changed the list of scopes from email to profile email.

However, I'm struggling trying to find in Google's docs what to change the endpoint to. I'm trying to figure out the URL for the endpoint that retrieves the logged in user's public profile and email address.

The Quick migration guide doesn't seem to be very helpful unless you're using their client library (which I'm not). Their guide at also doesn't seem to show me a list of usable endpoints.

Help much appreciated before everything stops working permanently on January 28th.

I was able to finally discover that the correct endpoint is where personFields is a comma-delimited list of fields at this website: e.g. names,emailAddresses

The problem I ran into initially was that you don't get a friendly error message if you don't specify the personFields parameter, so I thought I had the wrong URI.

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