Hi everyone, new to the message board. I saw online that this is a good place for info. Im currently new to the web dev scene. I started coding and am looking for relavant info and such regarding anything i need to know. Currently working on CSS, been taking awhile due to my full time job. Just wanted to make sure im in the right place!

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Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb! You’re definitely in the right place. :)thanks for joining. May I ask how you found out about us?

Hi! Yes lots and lots of google searching lol. I was looking for a good place for guidance on beginning my new endevour without being critisized for beiing so far behind so many others.

someone , i forgot who mentioned your site. ill def poke around and see what i find in here.

btw sorry i posted this here....is there perhaps a newbie area? or do you just post and coding questions ect?

thanks for the welcome

You can post in our Community Center :)

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But it's better if you post in an approprite section. For example, programming questions should be asked in the programming section, etc.

Welcome aboard EVOdev. As the Rev says, pick the right place for your questions, but other than that my advice is to not feel worried about asking 'stupid' questions because truth be told there are only stupid answers :-) Everyone here was a newbie in their area of expertise at one stage, and everyone here is happy to help others starting on their path...

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