I have some simple scripts like blogs, forums, and so on. They are not of high quality but I want to sell them.

The problem is that I cannot build a professonal website. But I want to sell my work.

Where can I find a marketplace for such items?

Note that I can't sell with Themeforest because they have a strict moderation.

The mind boggles a bit. You can build forums and blogs but can't build a simple website? You think people will want to buy your admittedly not very good scripts? Bit confused here. You can't use theme forest etc due to strict moderation?

You can self host i suppose. Use something like WP with woocommerce. Maybe EDD (easy digital downloads). You will need a ticket tracking system and thinK v carefully about how you will support customers. Selling goods that are not fit for purpose could land you in trouble, depending on where you are trading from. Good luck.

Yep,create your own website and start publishing it.

I think that you need to create own website.

You can try https://codecanyon.net/ which is an Envato Market (same parent company as Theme Forest) but designed for scripts and plugins instead of templates. Perhaps you were just trying to post within the wrong marketplace type?

At the point when a specialist conveys a content, they are prescribing it. At the point when a maker gets a content to a Studio, she is prescribing it. At the point when an essayist hands your content to his specialist, he is prescribing you. Also, the correct proposal might be all you have to sell a screenplay

You are right - Themeforest has a strict moderation and won't allow you to sell scripts that are not very high quality. I would suggest you to sell it through Ebay as ebay will easily allow you to do so.

In the event that you sell a treatment, you ought to expect around $15,000 toward the front and $30,000 toward the back. At long last, in the event that you figure out how to sell a screenplay, you ought to get in any event $40,000 forthright and $75,000 toward the back. The front-end implies the cash you will get at the purpose of offer when the arrangement closes.

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