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As web developers we do take seriously the security of our end users by applying a hash method on their passwords before storing it to the database so should our database be hacked we know that our end user passwords are secure.

But what about the browser remembered passwords on the front end? We all know that a password can be viewed on the front end by using a tool called element inspector and change the password type from password to text and we can see the actual password and we can login on our own device with that at our own space.

Let me introduce to you the Instant Web Password Encryption (IWPE). The IWPE encrypt and decrypt browser remembered passwords on the fly. The IWPE encrypt the password and return the 2 level hash as your password which on submit it then calculate the password and attach it to the POST/GET method on submit.

You can try the live demo and see how IWPE works. Check it out

I will provide with the documentation which will outline how you can also use the IWPE on your website, but it very easy to use this library.

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