I'm a novice in PHP and I would like to know on how exactly could I define said row. Any helps/tips are appreciated. Thank you in advanced!

function add_review() {

       (THE UNDEFINED ROW) **$product_id        = $row['product_id'];**
        $review_name       = escape_string($_POST['review_name']);
        $review_email      = escape_string($_POST['review_email']); 
        $review_content    = escape_string($_POST['review_content']);
        $review_created    = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
        $rating            = escape_string($_POST['rating']);

        $review_query = query("INSERT INTO reviews(review_id, product_id, review_name, review_email, review_content, review_created, rating) VALUES('NULL', '$product_id', '$review_name', '$review_email' , '$review_content' , '$review_created' , '$rating')");


        set_message("Thank you for the feedback!");

I think the reason you haven't received any responses is because your question is confusing. What do you mean by define said row? Which row? Define in which way?

I see line 4 you have (THE UNDEFINED ROW) but I'm not sure what you are trying to do?

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