hello every one
please can any body do this task for me please becouse our instructor in the university uploaded it and I dont have enough time becouse im studying for my final exams please any one and i will be helpfull for him/her :)
this is the task

Create a car rental system where customers rent cars for a given period of time.

Car – a class for all cars. Holds car information and an array of rents. Implement several types of cars as subclasses:

Small car – 4 passengers, Motor 1200, air-conditioner

Medium car – 4 passengers, Motor 1400, air-conditioner, Speed Control.

Large car: 6 passengers, Motor 1600, air-conditioner, speed control, Wi-Fi.

Keep the following car information for each car – holds the following fields: car type, has insurance papers, car license, car number.

Customer class: holds first name, last name, id.

Rent class (representing the time period when the car is rent): holds startDate and endDate, rent price,

In addition to the previous classes, Implement the following interface:

rentInterface – holds methods addRent($rent) and removeRent($rent). The Rent Class implements this interface.

Encapsulate all class fields with properties. Override the __toString() method for each class to print information about the object from the class in which it is instantiated.

Write a class rentingManager with a static method rentCar($car, $rent) that handles car renting and prints a message whether the operation was successful or not.

Now, after writing the code of the previous classes and interface, create an array of different cars. Perform the following operations:

Create an array of cars, in which the array contains different objects of the three types of cars (create the objects of the array and fill the objects with suitable data).
Filter the array by small cars and medium ones with a rent price less or equal to 250.00

Filter the array by all cars with an air conditioner.

Return the car numbers of all cars which have a wi-fi service.

thanks in advance :)

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Please tell me if you think that using other folk's work for your assignment is a good idea. If you did use code from any web site it's a sure bet the prof can google it to see if it's your work or someone else's.

Wouldn't your use of code from here give you an automatic fail?

I have been in your situation. It is nasty. However, I am not the first person to be in that situation and you will not be the last. I understand so I'll provide you an answer.

Clear the decks. Until after finals, you will do three things and three things only: 1) Study and do homework 2) Eat when necessary 3) Sleep as little as possible.

Welcome to the club.

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