Newbie here, Final year student of Electronics, I am learning python and want to move in the direction of web development! sounds quite strange to the filed i am in. i have been geting interested in working with API's and learning frontend using tkinter in python.

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Welcome to Daniweb. I am also learning Python but for my own enjoyment (and not for anything web related). I'm hoping to pick it up quickly enough so that I can answer questions here from people who are still behind me on the learning curve. We used to have a Python guru (pyTony) but I haven't seen anything from himi in quite a while.

For my GUI needs I chose wxPython rather than tkinter for two reasons:

  1. wxPython renders platform specific controls. Tkinter renders generic controls that look foreign no matter where you run them.
  2. Tkinter is woefully out of date.
  3. wxPython has a good web site and forum run by the person who wrote it.

I am in the process of creating a rather lengthy tutorial on developing a specific application in wxPython. It should be done in the next day or two.

Hi there. Welcome to DaniWeb!!

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