Hay, Everyone I am doing seo of my site but I notic that after submmiting url through Google Search Console 2 or 3 page are repeating with same Meta Title and URLs. I don't know how to remove these duplcate URLs from the SERP?
Can anyone guide me in this situation. Thanks.

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I'm not sure I fully understand your question. I browsed your site and most pages do not have meta tags. For example, I'm on your Zalgo Text Generator page and I don't see meta keywords or meta description.

Every unique page of your site needs to have at least four things:

  • A unique title different from every other page on the site
  • A unique meta description different from every other page on the site
  • A unique meta keywords different from every other page on the site
  • A canonical tag that indicates that it is the primary version of the page

A <link rel="canonical" href="https://www.example.com/page.html"> tag tells Google, and other search engines, the URL of the primary version of the page. If you have more than one different URL that has the same, or similar, content on it, you can use the same canonical URL in the meta tags to tell Google which page you want showing up in the search engines, and not to penalize the other pages for duplicate content.

If you have two or more pages that have near-identical content but different URLs, then you can use the same title, description, and keywords as long as there is the same canonical tag as well.

Thanks Dani for sharing your Great Knowledge. Your Tips Are Awesome and I will must follow them.

Thank you so much I am also facing too many issues of duplication on my website fonts bunch of canonical issues in search console And I know it will now be fix Thank you

Well, I will recommend that you use Google Search Console or other third party SEO tools to check which page or URL is treated as duplicate and then you need to check resource of these duplicated url and then by using robots.txt file or implementing a noindex you can fix this error.

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