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Create a collection of these javascript files as an experiment to play with the language, or to solve problems for myself work.I also hope to give some help to those who need to use this script or save time searching the Internet and just starting to learn I would gladly accept pointers from others to improve, simplify, or make the code more efficient Welcome to join

project address github

create-dir-if-not-there.js - Checks to see if a directory exists in the users home directory, if not then create it and automatically create parent directories.

use-recursive-traverse-folder.js -Recursively traverse the folder files

use-glob-traverse-folder.js -Traverse the folder files by using the glob module

build-compress-files.js - generate compressed files such as. Zip files

logger.js - log output format in case of node cli

[unwxapkg] (./unwxapkg) - decompression. Wxapkg format file package (reference address: https://github.com/thedreamwork/unwxapkg)

crawl-iQIYI-movie-resources.js -Crawl the iQIYI movie resource in node environment

Regular expression
regular - Regular used and learned at work
password strength
account is legal
Email address
domain name verification
mobile number verification
QQ verification
verification of China postal code
date format validation
identification card number verification
IP address verification
first and last blank character validation
Js games, tools, fun and interesting related project learning
game case
game1- use the accelerate button to keep it in the air and see how long you can keep it

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