I need to deoubfuscate a javascript file which i need to change a link inside it can anybody help me how to do that?
I can upload the file also if you need it.

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To me this is like being asked to help me jack this car. You've been around long enough to understand this.

If you want to do this, go get the source or if it's not yours, ask its author.

As gentlemedia points out, there are lots of free tools available online to easily beautify Javascript (properly indent it, etc.)

However, javascript minifiers replace understandable variable names with meaingless names a, b, c, d, etc.

You might be able to understand total = price_of_apples + price_of_pears but seeing lines like a = b + c is meaningless in terms of understanding what's actually happening. Once javascript has been obfuscated in this way, it's not possible to unobfuscate it because it's perfectly interpretable by the web browser, it's just designed to no longer be human readable by having function names and variable names rewritten.

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