I'm trying to setup the links on this page: http://limitlesshoops.com/levels.html to lead to specific pages within this PDF: https://fiftyallstars.com/a2z.pdf --- I've found I can lead people to whatever page like this: https://fiftyallstars.com/a2z.pdf#page=7 but I'd like to lead them to a page based on Today's date. I've added a few example pages to the end of the PDF that have 12/01/19 etc. in the header section. I figure if the browser's "find" functionality can scroll to that page, then there should be some javascript that can do the same.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Here are some helpful links I've found so far:

Appending the URL link with today's date: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27728219/how-to-insert-todays-date-into-a-url

Leading to a specific destination within the PDF: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/link-html-pdf-page-acrobat.html ---

Setting markers within the document that have the date instead: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/125632/is-it-possible-to-link-to-a-bookmark-within-a-pdf-using-url-parameters

You can also output a pdf through PHP, you just need to set the header as a pdf: headers for pdf download (and just take off the dowload part).

If you did that you would have more control over where the pdf jumps to on opening, for example you could use the built in php date() function to jump to the page you want based on the current day and work out through php which page that would be.

This is more advanced but you can also generate pdfs on the fly using TCPDF I use this a lot to generate all sorts of documents and letters on demand

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