Hi everyone,

I am a mathematician and have limited programming experience, but I would like to know how to automate my online roulette betting.
For anyone familiar with roulette, I would like the program to use the fibonacci strategy, where you start by betting 1$ on black or red, and each loss you move one along the fibonacci sequence and each win you move two steps back.
This could look like this:
Bet red, $1 – lose
Bet red, $1 – lose
Bet red, $2 – lose
Bet red, $3 – lose
Bet red, $5 – win
Bet red, $2 – lose
Bet red, $3 – win
Bet red, $1 – win
Bet red, $1 – win

In this scenario, one would loose 5 times and win only 4 times but still be ahead by 1$.

This is a very slow process and to actually have a chance at making money with this, one would need to spend a whole day in front of the computer, so I would like to, in some way, automate the process.

I would be very grateful for any help or guidance.
Thank you in advance!

First, you would be writing the script and code. Some folk land on programming forums and want to have the code written for them. If you are putting up a job then you need to put the job up on the freelance coding boards.

With that out of the way if I was to automate interacting with a web site I'd start wtih this search:

There's my articles to now read and start making my own app. I take it you have your concept about roulette play but needed the search on how to talk to the web sites.

You can double each time(geometric series 1,2,4,8...) ultil winning, then restart from 1.
The only problem is that you can loose until 13 times(from what I saw live), so you have to be deep in coins(2^13 units) to overcome the bad series.

That sounds more like the Martingale betting system for roulette.

commented: This system might seem to work at first, but the math doesn’t lie. Gamblers however overlook facts like these. +15