I am using Magento (Ver 1.9.x)

If i try with my localhost success url like, and return success message with order id.

if i try with live, success url like,

https://abc.in/payubiz/redirect/success/ success page like blank page.

How to solve the issue?

Code : https://github.com/ZusZus/Payubiz

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A blank page means that there is a fatal error and the page cannot load. Here is some code I wrote so you can log these errors to a file and see what the error is so you can fix it.


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I just checked your Github repository and it seems you’re using a PHP framework. Does it log errors anywhere? Does your web server log errors already anywhere?

Oh sorry. I see you’re using Magento. Sorry for asking if you’re using a framework. I was tired when I read your post.

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