Hello friends, I have a website on which I embedded my YouTube channel, but I need my users to pay before they can watch live videos. Help me.

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You took a misstep there by going with YouTube. YouTube's model does not appear to support this. I'm told what you are asking for is done widely in another industry so look up "xcams" and see if they or another vendor can work for you.

Well, you could set your YouTube videos to unlisted and then use a CMS in which the pages with the embedded videos are only accessible after paying. I'm not sure if this violates the YouTube terms of service, however. Additionally, anyone with the URL to the video would be able to see it.

Another option is to set the YouTube videos to private, and each time your user pays, ask them for their Google account and change the priacy settings of the video to give them access. Again, I'm not sure if it's against YouTube's terms of service to require payment in exchange for access to content they are hosting.

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