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I have some clients and I manage website hosting for few of them. One of my client (Ecommerce store) went live on Product Hunt on Tuesday and his website crashed. Though I have fixed the issue, but I think I cannot work with shared hosting plan in long run. A fellow members have recommended me to migrate my clients website to any managed cloud hosting provider someone suggest me to try their hosting for agencies services, but I and neither my developers have ever worked with a managed hosting provider before, so is it worth to have a trial if I am moving from a shared hosting provider?

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I definitely agree moving off of shared to something more reliable. I see you linked to Cloudways, which is pretty popular to deploy a simple WordPress site or something like that, and have it fully managed and be completely hands off.

However, if you are going to be doing stuff beyond out of the box PHP, or any custom development or the like, then I would look elsewhere.

As we only work with WooCommerce and Magento applications we don't need to think of that.

FYI we have migrated to Cloudways and I must say it's one the best decision I have took for our clients. Loving it!

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