I want to create a friend chat where user can send, confirm and delete request and display results. Any help?

This is a super broad question. To begin, so you have a programming language of choice that you’d like to create this with? Have you previously created any web apps? Are you looking to create something from scratch or start with an existing script that might do something similar and modify it for your needs? And lastly, are you looking more for programming help or for suggestions and feedback related to features and functionality people might be looking for in such an app?

Hi Dani. I am actually creating my first web app, which has to do with social networking. I have included other features, and I want to include this feature. But I do not know the way arround. I would hardly appreciate if you help with this. This project is being build using PHP and Mysql Database.

What is your specific question in terms of how to do it? Are you asking what the best way to do live chat is? Are you asking how to set up friend requests? If you're looking to connect users with each other, you can use the DaniWeb Connect API. (Sorry, but I had to inject my shameless plug.)

Hi, I am asking as to how to set up friends request. Ex. If a user logged in to the system, he or she will send other users friends request. Now, considered I logged into the system and sent you friends request. You should be notified with the request and have the options to confirm. After you confirm, I also need to be notified that you have confirmed my friends request. [Something like Facebook friend request]. I would be glad of your help.

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