I need to improve my English communication skill, but I am very boring to use language learning tools/methods, but instead of this I would like remote working on some real PHP/JavaScript/Node.js/DevOps project (where I feel strong) and as a side effect would be practicing English communication. I have max 10 hours per week available for this. The client and team members should be patient with my weaker English.
Can you recommend something to me? (e.g. where to get such a project or something else)
Thank you!

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Have you checked out Upwork? I would highly recommend it. The only concern is the way it works, during the Interview process they sometimes filter people who are native English speakers.

upwork is definitely the furst thing that comes to mind.
Maybe it is possible to be like..a volunteer in a digital project that you're interested in? Maybe that wouldn't be some major responsibilities, but you will be able to cope with some little tasks and learn the vocabulary of that exact niche at the same time.

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