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I have attached a vimeo to the issue, the main issue is that google maps seems to be sluggish and not well tracking and slow.

Has anyone got any sugestions? Thanks

The Vimeo link says "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page". Here Google Maps seem fine. Have others test this for you.

Can you upload the file as a post attachment here on DaniWeb?

Sorry but the video does not look glitchy to me. Keep in mind I was on teams with GPS tracker development and it does jump a bit at times but I saw no glitch.


That's the word, jumps. What could be causing this. For some reason it's not smooth :/

Sorry but the video looked normal to me. I wonder if you tried it on a few dozen machines and phones? We did. Result? Some were smoother.

So, I found the issue, there was an all class css rule added.

*{transition: all 300ms;}

this was the cause.