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I have attached a vimeo to the issue, the main issue is that google maps seems to be sluggish and not well tracking and slow.

Has anyone got any sugestions? Thanks

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The Vimeo link says "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page". Here Google Maps seem fine. Have others test this for you.

Can you upload the file as a post attachment here on DaniWeb?

Sorry but the video does not look glitchy to me. Keep in mind I was on teams with GPS tracker development and it does jump a bit at times but I saw no glitch.


That's the word, jumps. What could be causing this. For some reason it's not smooth :/

Sorry but the video looked normal to me. I wonder if you tried it on a few dozen machines and phones? We did. Result? Some were smoother.

So, I found the issue, there was an all class css rule added.

*{transition: all 300ms;}

this was the cause.

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